Saturday, 12 March 2011

me & kpop

Baby goodnight

Currently have nothing to do..listening to big bang gd and top song...such a genius in kpop music indstry...
Well i do love kpop but not that fanatically..they also had their own life and a fan i think we should concern bout their feelingbut until certain extend..just like what i always said to my fren
caring is important but until certain extend, coz u were'nt born as a stalker..

*take note i'm not bashing anyone..hehehe :)

The reason why i love kpop is becauseof their music..
not too much autotune and not too electro and not over the top..

for real,,i never take note bout their(kpop artist) latest stories..
but when it comes to music  its a differ stories..the song that blew my heart will stay in my playlist forever..

until now...someone(daddy) is asking his lappy condition..i better give him now before i heard him shouting from downstair..heheheh
Annyong..감사합니다 for ur time reading this blog..ttyl

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