Saturday, 10 November 2012

My Saturday

Its first week after holiday...

First day of KI (kemahiran insaniah),,,
Wake up at 6am.. heading toward DK300
Tired and sleepy but i have to set in my mind this gonna be a fine day....

Saturday 9.00am 10/11/12
Mood: sleepy n hungry

Speech by 2 alumni of UITM.. of them is working with Mr. Karpal Singh..
Speech bout communication and relation..
Why we had to think bout ourselve n other..
Why our action can harm others..

Went to with classmate kak farhana..
Having blast day..laugh throughout class...
Open up our behind the scene story..
Never thought that i gonna tell some1 bout myself..

Discussion bout our teamwork..leadership..n etc..

End of the day..
Sleep after maghrib..n never wake up again after tht...

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