Thursday, 20 September 2012

Long Time No See

Its been awhile since i post anything on this blog.. Thanks to the assingment i finally had a the chace to post and type something.

As to fullfill the assesment we have to introduce ourselves to the reader.. So the first post i will talk bout my family. 
Hurmmmmm... im born in a big family..there is 10 of us..include my mom and dad.. As the oldest i felt responsible on my action.. basically i grow matured early than i should.. Sharing parents love with the other 7siblings sometimes make me felt lost and lonely....Yup,,eventhough there are  alot of us but I still fell alone...The reason is????  I also don't know how to explain...
So...back to my family hierachy... In my family there is 5girls and 4boys... Yup..girls power conquered the house...heeee 

ME the oldest~~~~ born in1992 (girl)
SECOND~~~born in1993 Studied at Uitm Seri Iskandar(girl)
THIRD~~~born1994 currently working (boy)
FOURTH~~~born1996 Form4 student (girl)
FIFTH~~~born 2000 Grade6 student (boy)
SIXTH~~~born 2004 Standard2 student (boy)
SEVENTH~~~born 2005 Standard1 student (girl)
EIGHT~~~born 2008 4years old (girl)

we still respect, believe and love each other no matter how hard the challenges is...
that is the main key for our happiness..
we live in simple life eventhough there is something that we cant get and achieve but we still thankful to Allah and to our parents~~~~


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