Sunday, 23 September 2012

Review: Halal Korean Food


When we talk about Korea, the first thing that we think about the most is Kpop which refer of the Korean Idol Singer.Their song and dance become addictive to the fans~~

But!!!!! I won't talk about kpop as most of Malaysian which also knows about it..
For this post i like to review on their food which is a part of Korean Wave~~

 i'd never taste any of korean food as it was hard to locate halal and cheap korean cuisine..
But thankfully i found one halal korean food at Midvalley. Serves particularlly korean basic dish such kimbap,bibimbap,tofu jiggae, meat/chicken jiggae~~~
*p/s-- jiggae means sup that mix with kimchi and sort of ingredient~

So,, i ordered bibimbap pricely RM21++..What suprise me the most is the bowl looked smaller than i thought but i cant barely finished it~~No wonder korean love to eat bibimbap coz its cheap but had generous amount of healthy brown rice soup,and vege's~~~

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