Saturday, 6 October 2012

I'm Loner

Never been so lonely before.

So i like to make entry of how i feel now..Such a loner.
This is one of the song that keep played on my playlist. Here i share a few bit from the lyrics that already translated which u guys would not understand if i post it in hangul/korean

외톨이야 (I’m A Loner)

Look, look at me, me. Look at me straight in the eyes.
Look, you are already look at elsewhere.

 If you had just told me honestly
that you got someone else. That you hate me.
Then I wouldn’t have hated you to death.

Love is going. Love is leaving.
I should erase you after tonight.

I’m a loner, I’m a loner. I’m a loner hurt by love and waiting for love.
sad sad sad sad sad sad sad tonight, I want this to be a dream.
Oh no no no no no body knows, no body knows me.
one two three four five six seven night, I’m crying passing many nights awake.

Credit: and alwayslonliness.blogspot

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