Saturday, 6 October 2012

September Review

After officially one month been staying at Uitm Puncak Alam, the feeling of actually living at campus is fascinating. Never thought to be live at campus is a great oppurtunity to actually learn how to be independent as I never been in dorm-style life.

See those 3 parallel roof headed toward the dorm. That is the stair that I already climbed for a month. Some said the stair is much more higher few steps from Batu Caves stairs. (sorry never count it as it just way too tired)

For the first week we had election day which we have to vote for our fav candidate.
 Before the voting, the candidates which is our senior is having  campaign. At the falculty, the poster filled the entire area. This situation last for about a week. . There are 3 main falculty at Puncak Alam which is Business Managment , Heath Sciences and Pharmacies.Each student from each falculty had to voted for their fav candidates.

Last week (29/30) were held an activity for business student; Gateway to Excellence (GTE). This program consist of student from 8 main business course  falculty at Puncak Alam. For the first day, the activity start at 8.00am until 5.00pm. Activity were held at RSU area. We were introduced to all senior from all courses. The main purpose is to get to know each other well in the falculty.

Explorace for the next day. We were divided in 10 groups. In group we were assigned to finish all the task given,,but our group couldn't manage to finish all the task as we in short of time. There is total of 10 task to be completed in 10 different place starting from RSU to Falculty Building. Eventhough we couldn't manage to complete the task but we felt delighted as we got to know each other.

Ok then,,,, thats all for this entry.. Hope that i could achieve something that i couldn't at high school.. Amen.

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