Saturday, 6 October 2012

Music Review : BoA Only One

After a long hiatus i  finally get a chance to make an entry here..
today i like to make a review on my most favourite song BoA - Only One


This song basically using less instrument rather than her previous song which more uptobeat and dance. The sound of guitar plucking and sifting string arrangements provide a strong contrast from her former releases. Only One is a self-composed by BoA which reflect her earliest step on becoming producer and singsongwriter.   

 Here i shared some of the translation lyrics of the song.

We awkwardly sit across each other,
Making small talk and asking what’s new
The moments when the conversation stop for a moment
The cold silence freezes us

We will become strangers at this place right now
Someone will shed tears and be left alone but
I hate seeing you try not to scar me and feel ill at ease
So I’ll let you go

Even at the moment we break up, you’re the only one
It hurts and hurts and it’s foolish but good bye
Though I may never see you again, you’re the only one

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